Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beginner Bash: Must-Know Bash Commands

I switched full time to Ubuntu Linux last year and haven’t looked back. In this year I’ve learned to love the Bash shell (which includes the Terminal in Mac and Cygwin on Windows). At this point, I can finally say I’m faster in Bash then I was in Windows Explorer, Commander, Nautilus, or the Windows command prompt; and I prided myself on being a guy with a lot of .bat files. My goal now is to write some tips I learned in the last year. Before explaining the more advanced stuff I want to introduce some of the most basic basics.

So here it is: "Stuff I wish someone had explained clearly to me a year ago". Almost all these apply to Cygwin in Windows as well as Mac/Ubuntu Terminal.

As is usual these days, the full article is available on the Canoo blog. And if you want to upvote then head on over to DZone or clicky clicky on up arrow at the bottom of the post.

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