Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcoming Gigs: Cologne, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Prague

The Groovy roadshow is on tour this Spring! My benevolent benefactors are letting me out of the office to visit a few user groups and conferences:

March 8 - Cologne JUG - Groovy AST Transformations
May 3rd - 7th - - Code Generation on the JVM
May 19th to 20th - GR8 Conference - Groovy AST Transformations
June 28th - Czech JUG - Code Generation on the JVM

Sadly, I am not going to be at GR8 North America... but if you are in the US then that is the event of the Spring, in my opinion.

I'm crazy excited to visit places I have never been to and meet other programmers. If you have any desire to see any of my talks then drop me an email. I think these are my three best sessions:

Code Generation on the JVM
We're seeing more and more JVM frameworks designed to generate code at compile time: AST Transforms, Project Lombok, Spring Roo, Clojure Macros, and more. This session reviews these approaches, including examples of how and why we'd want to do this. We'll see the newest Groovy language tools, write our own AST Transform, and look at some amazing libraries based on these techniques.

Slimmed Down Software: A Lean, Groovy Approach
The Groovy Programming Language advertises itself as an "agile and dynamic Language for the JVM", but what does this mean exactly? This sessions explain Lean Software Development, and shows how your choice of programming language can your entire process remain nimble and adaptive. Come learn about the principles of Lean, and see how Groovy and the associated ecosystem help eliminate waste, defer commitment, and build quality into your product.

Legacy Code, Groovy, and You
Thinking about writing Groovy unit tests for your legacy Java code? This session is an honest discussion about what Groovy will gain you and what it won't. Come learn the engineering practices and tools that you can use to battle tight coupling, monolithic projects, and tangled dependencies, and then decide for yourself whether Groovy is the answer for your project. Plan on returning to work with a vision of what your team can do to write better software.

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Peter Pascale said...

I too am sad that you won't be at GR8 NA.