Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hackergarten in Basel Next Friday

There is a new group starting up, and if you're anywhere near Basel Switzerland next Friday (March 26th) then you definitely want to stop by and participate.

Hackergarten is a group for people who define themselves by what they make, not what they consume. We've decided to meet regularly to create things as a group and give our work back to the community. Our goal is to create something that others can use; whether it be working software, improved documentation, or better educational materials. Our intent is to end each meeting with a patch or similar contribution submitted to an open and public project. Membership is open to anyone willing to contribution their time.

Our first event this Friday is a "Gradle Jam" at the Canoo offices in Basel. We are planning to add an "announce" plugin to Gradle that integrates with Twitter, Mongrel, and other messaging services. I expect a lot of pair programming, so please do not worry if you have no Gradle, Groovy, or Java experience.

The best way to get started is to join the mailing list and lurk around or follow the Twitter account @Hackergarten.

I expect this to be a lot of fun, a little work, and ultimately rewarding. Please do stop by!

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