Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lean Groovy 7 - Optimize the Whole

The successful software project is dependent on more than just the proper functioning of each part of the life-cycle: coding, testing, analysis, and deployment. Success hinges on how well all of these pieces fit together. Optimizing the Whole in Lean refers to making sure you always measure up. Improving your business is too often an exercise in sub-optimization: you may spend all your effort on improving the unit testing experience without realizing that it’s your interactions with operations that are derailing the project, or you may perfect your team’s delivery process while the rest of the company continues behaving wastefully...

Yep, it happened again. I put a two sentence teaser here only to redirect you to the full article over on the Canoo web site. That's just how I roll. I've got tiger blood from a different terrestrial plane. Or something.

Anyway, check out the full article and vote at DZone!

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