Friday, March 4, 2011

Griffon MVC Groups and Event System

Griffon has a strong MVC focus, and functionality is built using MVC groups. This is not a screen or a form, an MVC group is a piece of functionality, and a single form is made of MVC groups composed together. The way MVC groups talk to each other is through an event bus, rather than being coupled directly to each other.

I created a screencast that demonstrates these concepts in just under 7 minutes. In the video, I create an app, create several MVC groups, and then wire them together with the event bus.

If the video doesn't play correctly, you may want to launch it from the site. Also, if you want to be nice then you can upvote this at DZone.

Boom. Winning.

If you like this, you can check out my other screencasts on YouTube ( or (

If you want written documentation on these topics, then please read:
* The Griffon RefCard -
* The Griffon User Guide -
* The Griffon Main Site -

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