Friday, November 5, 2010

Advanced Mockito: Capturing State with Answer and Captors

Hmmm… I really need to mock out java.sql.ResultSet, I know I’ll just subclass it with a hand-rolled mock. Oh-no, the default implementation without method bodies is 650 lines of code long. WTF? Did you know there are 197 public methods on the java.sql.ResultSet interface? This is an absurdly large interface, possibly the largest in the JDK (if not drop a comment, I’d love to know what the largest is). The workaround is to throw one together in Mockito (or your mock framework of choice). My implementation turned out to be 21 lines of code long. Not bad at all. To do it I creatively used ArgumentCaptors, Answer objects, and anonymous inner classes to capture state... (read on for the full article).

The full article is posted over on the Canoo Blog. And don't forget to vote at dzone.

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