Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Speaking at Devoxx

Good news for me, I'll be giving a 15-minute quickie at Devoxx on the topic of Groovy Code Generation. The talk is normally a little longer, but most talks can be improved by making them shorter. I'm sure the 15 minutes will be great fun. Check out the slides for the longer version here.

If you can't make Devoxx, then be sure to catch fellow Canooie Dierk K├Ânig at W-JAX during the same time. His slots are all in German, but the code samples will surely be in Groovy.

For those interested here is the abstract for my talk. If you run or help organize a JUG and want a speaker then please contact me. I'm excited to travel around in 2011, see more of the world, and meet great people.

Code Generation on the JVM: Writing Code that Writes Code
"The Pragmatic Programmer" admonished us all to "write code that writes code": use code generators to increase productivity and avoid duplication. Today's language communities have clearly caught on, as more and more frameworks generate code at compile time: AST Transforms, Project Lombok, Spring Roo, and more.

This session reviews these approaches including examples of how and why we'd want to do this. Come see the newest Groovy language tools, look in-depth at production deployed AST Transforms, and view libraries based on these techniques.

Audience: developers searching for cutting edge solutions to increasing team velocity.

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