Monday, June 7, 2010

Slimmed Down Software – A Lean, Groovy Approach Part 1 – Eliminate Waste

GroovyMag is currently running a 7 part series I wrote called "Slimmed Down Software - A Lean, Groovy Approach". Part 1 started in the April 2010 edition, and now that it is June the copyright has reverted back to me and I get to self publish it on the web! If you like this then consider buying the May and June issues.

The full article is published on the Canoo Blog. As usual, up-votes at DZone are welcome.

Here's the summary:

The Groovy Programming Language advertises itself as an “agile and dynamic language for the JVM”, but what does this mean exactly? This series of articles explains Lean Software Development, and shows how your choice of programming language can make your entire process remain nimble and adaptive. Each month will cover one of the seven Lean Software Development principles and explain how Groovy and the associated ecosystem help eliminate waste, defer commitment, and build quality into your product.

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