Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Metaprogramming in Groovy Pecha Kucha

The Groovy Users of Minnesota (myself included) created a sweet 6 minute presentation on metaprogramming in Groovy. The format is a pecha kucha, which is a presentation style that just jumped the shark now that it went mainstream.

Check it out over on the GUM site:

Or head straight for the YouTube video:

And yes, that is my sultry voice you're hearing. I'm available for voice work; I excel at roles typically reserved for 12 year old boys.


Saager Mhatre said...

Why do you say it 'jumped the shark'?

Hamlet D'Arcy said...

Joel and Reg are (were) such big names in the blogging community that their endorsement of the Pecha Kucha form will popularize it. The novelty of the form will disappear as more people adopt it. Good for them, but I feel a little sad... kind of like when your favorite band that no one had heard of gets a big radio hit. It's silly and juvenile, but a genuine reaction nonetheless.