Thursday, September 13, 2007

Change Windows Screen Resolutions w/ Keyboard Shortcuts

When developing user interfaces I find myself constantly changing my screen resolution.

This morning I got fed up and figured out how to change resolutions using keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1. Install AutoHotKey
Step 2. Download QRes Command Line Resolution Utility
Step 3. Extract qres.exe to c:\dev
Step 4. Download my AutoHotkey script
Step 5. Extract the script to your Windows startup folder in your start menu
Step 6. Run (double click) the script once to activate it (you’ll never have to do this again).

Now the Keyboard combination of Windows+1 will switch to 1024×768 and Window+2 will switch you back to 1280×1024. You can edit the script to tweak it if needed by your monitor. Here is the script:

#SingleInstance force
DetectHiddenWindows, on

Run C:\dev\qres /x:1024

Run C:\dev\qres /x:1280 /y:1024

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